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Kite School

Over 13 years of experience teaching kitesurfing

In our Kite School, Hotstick Tarifa (since 1985), we offer kitesurf lessons in reduced groups, semi private lessons and private lessons, as well as supervision and equipment rental for advanced kiters.

Safety is of course always priority number one, but in our kite courses you will also advance fast and have fun learning how to kitesurf.

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The city of wind


The Strait of Gibraltar forms the perfect wind tunnel between the European and African continents — perfect for the wind-powered water sport enthusiasts who flock there year round.

Tarifa is one of the world’s meccas for kiteboarders, not only for Spaniards and other Europeans, but also for competitors from around the world.

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We have brand new and second hand kitesurf, windsurf, SUP and surf equipment for sale.



Packs board + kite + bar

Fashion and Accessories

Reminder: Special offer, only for the summer 2015!!

Group kite courses in Tarifa , 5 days of 15h alltogether for only 260€ per person, 5 days of 20h alltogether for only 340€ per person. Limited places, reserve now!! We also offer you a package with accommodation „wink“-Emoticon

Buddha WSF Festival Valdevaqueros - Tarifa

Second edition - on Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tarifa Beach Festival - 31 July 2015

On the 31st of July the new club "Global" will present you another big event in Tarifa: "Tarifa Beach Festival" . There will be 3 stages: one big terrace with 700m2, another terrace "chill out" and, of course, the Main room. Have fun!

Summer 2015 - Tarifa Strapless Kitesurf PRO

Special first edition of the Tarifa Strapless Kitesurf PRO: Well done!

Special event in Tarifa!