Our group lessons are dynamic, you will learn in reduced groups of maximum 4 people. The ´buddy system¨, 2 people sharing one set of equipment, allows you to have some time to recover forces and concentration, while also learning from and with your buddy.

  • 3h or 4h of group lesson per day; we recommend 4h per day to get the most out of it
  • the progress depends on the prevailing conditions, the student and the amount of hours per day. As a basic guideline below you can see, what an average student learns during the different days in 4 hours per day, if he starts from zero.
  • If a student has already done something, we will put him in a group of his level. So he can save himself some time and doesn´t need to repeat everything.


Taster group lesson (max. 4 students per instructor): 2h only 50€!!!

Special offer summer 2015:¡¡ 5 days/ 15 hours for only 260€ per person and 5 days/ 20 hours for only 340€ per person!!

Prices in €1 person2 people booking together
3h per day4h per day3h per day (price per person)4h per day (price per person)
1 day 70 80 65 75
2 days 135 160 125 150
3 days 195 235 180 220
4 days 250 305 235 285
5 days 300 370 285 345
Additional day 50 65 50 60


These prices are only valid if booked and paid in advance or at the beginning of the course. If the student prefers to pay in a daily basis, then the 1 day price will apply for each day.

We offer special discounts for big groups or people booking together. Ask us!

Included in all lessons / courses: insurance (3rd party and accident insurance; equipment is also covered, so if something breaks, it's on us), all the necessary equipment, transport from Tarifa to the beach, rescue boat (from 1-Jun until 30-Sept.)

Best price guarantuee: if you find some better prices in Tarifa from some other official kite school (sorry, we can't take any illegal schools into consideration), then send us their offer by e-mail and we will match it!

  • 1st day
    • Basic theory of kitesurfing, wind, equipment, how to fly a kite, safety, etc.
    • Set up of a small 2-line foil kite. The 2-line foil kite is the safest kite for the first exercises, as it doesn´t develop too much pull and instantly depowers, when you let go the bar
    • Starting, flying and landing a 2-line foil kite on the beach, with different exercises.
    • Set up of a 4-line tube kite, safety precautions.
    • Starting, flying and landing a 4-line tube kite on the beach with various exercises. The student learns how to control the kite one-handed, to fly controlled 8s with sufficient power in the kite. Simulation of everything, that we need to do in the water afterwards, on land, as: bodydrag 2-handed, one-handed, sitting position, putting the feet in the footstraps, first waterstarts and standing up( depending on conditions).
  • 2nd day
    • Theory of bodydragging, kite relaunching from the water, waterstarting and first rides
    • Set up of a bigger 4-line tube kite. Practising 2-handed and one-handed bodydrag.
    • Getting comfortable with the kite in the water in different positions and on different courses( downwind/ upwind)
    • Practising the relauch of the kite from the water( depending on conditions)
    • Using the board in the water, putting the feet in the footstraps and keeping a stable position( the back upwinds, board 90 degrees to the wind)
    • Practising waterstarts; first steady pull exercises, getting up on the board and riding the first metres. Now you are kitesurfing!!!

The progress, especially from end of day 2 on, depends a lot on the student.

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